Cornerstone Cabinets uses Custom Where it Counts

With almost every project, the staff of Cornerstone Cabinets and Design face the challenge of preserving the historic homes of Lynchburg, Virginia while modernizing interiors to reflect 21st Century lifestyles.

Such was the case with a recent kitchen project where four entrances into the home’s kitchen seemed to steer traffic away from the kitchen rather than create an area for entertainment and gathering.  The newly proposed design eliminated one of the doorways and pantry, exposing a large HVAC air return.  Charlotte Daum, the lead designer, saw a perfect opportunity for Kabinart’s Custom Where It Counts by designing a custom oven cabinet with a lower compartment configured to hide the massive ductwork.

Later Charlotte confided, “The customer had initially looked at one of our custom lines, but I priced Kabinart as well, allowing them to decide which cabinets they really wanted.  The Custom Where It Counts program let us modify the one important oven cabinet and our customer decided that the savings Kabinart provided would almost pay for their Master Bath remodel.”