5 Clever Ways to Brighten Your Home

Summer is here and its time for happy hues and light!  So what are the best attention grabbing tips to make your room stand out and how do you avoid going overboard? Here are 5 clever ways to brighten your home for the summer.


1.  pair a bold color with a neutral color

Serenity BathroomWarm Neutral Kaffee color balances well with Golden yellow palettesSW0009.f

This master bathroom goes coastal with orange paint. Orange paired with brass fixtures and white cabinetry creates a vibrant, yet serene atmosphere. View more pictures of this project here.


2.  Use a bold color that’s already in the room

Terracotta yellow paint definitely gives this kitchen a coastal atmosphere.

Trying to decide on color?  Choose one already incorporated in your room.  The terracotta yellow paint (shown left) ties in well with the marble countertop in this kitchen.






3.  choose colorful curtains for your windows.

classic chair


Any decorator will tell you that curtains make a room- but only when done correctly. Its all about fabric and color.  If your room does not get a lot of sunlight, choose a vibrant color like the orange floral curtains shown here.  And choose fabrics like linen, silk, faux silk, and velvet.  These fabrics hang the best and do not fade as quickly over time.













4.  install under cabinet lighting

Adding under cabinet lighting is a great way to showcase your items and show off your valuable items at the same time.


Adding under cabinet lighting is a great way to brighten your room because it eliminates shadows.  It’s also relatively inexpensive and a great way to show off your valuables. You can’t really go overboard here, unless you choose a really outrageous color for your bulbs.











5.  Add Colorful accents

summer patio


Turn your simple patio into a warm, inviting venue for your family and friends by adding colorful table accents with a vibrant umbrella.  Your guests are sure to stay longer in this happy atmosphere … if the food is good too of course!