Popular Design Trends for Kitchen and Baths

Many homeowners are doing a complete renovation of their home, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. These rooms are the most likely to become outdated since they are the most expensive to renovate. If your kitchen or bath needs a new look and you aren’t read for a complete redo, opt for one or two of these design trends to bring your home back in style.


Classic Cover create Classic Black and White Palettes


Black and White never go out of style. It’s like blue jeans and a t-shirt. You can accomplish high contrasts in the kitchen by mixing black bar stools with white cabinets. Sleek cabinets paired with hardwood floors is another great idea.






Mission bathroom thumbnailuse Bold Fixtures


Do you need a wow factor to liven up your space? Add a chandelier in your bathroom or install a unique backsplash for texture. One bold fixture alone is enough to liven a simple, clean room.  Bold fixtures also create a focal point and prevent you from cluttering your space.







Storage Cover

Maximize Storage Space


There’s always more space in your home.  All it takes is a little time and ingenuity. You can easily add space without spending much money at all. Add wicker baskets in your bathroom to store towels, tissue, and soaps.  Organizers inside of cabinet drawers is another quick way to maximize storage space.






blog light fixturesadd Color


It’s amazing what a little color can do.  Change what’s on the counter or add some colorful light fixtures. The aqua blue light décor (left) is a great accent for this kitchen.  If you’re really feeling color, try a colorful sink.  The ideas are unlimited when it comes to adding color.