Custom Where It Counts

Don’t feel like transforming your bookcase into a great find?  Have one of our designers build you a custom look.

For this project, the designer customizes a bookshelf to match the kitchen island. This custom bookshelf was designed with Kabinart materials by one of our dealers, Karen Lorona of Cabinet Source.  Beaded board was used for the back of the television console to add texture to the piece. Furniture shelves were used for the bookshelf’s ceiling along with crown to set it apart from the ordinary bookcase.

Our “custom order” wood top was used on the base cabinet counter to match the furniture bookshelf on the right. To add variety, the furniture side of the tv console can have holes drilled into each side to place a bookshelf above the tv for decorative pieces and books. If shelf is left off, one can place a picture above the tv.  This piece adds a nice attraction to this home.

Thank you Karen for using your creativity with our Custom Where It Counts program.  Visit her website at:

*** Cabinets are Sherwood door style with an Aged Ebony finish