February Dealer Spotlight: Brilliance at Belletetes

The story for this month’s Dealer Spotlight started about a month ago when Marie Garner, Kabinart’s Social Media Manager, forwarded me photographs of a New England lakefront home filled with Kabinart cabinets.  “These are photos that Beth from Belletetes sent me for Kabinart’s website,” Marie said. So I called Beth Eneguess, kitchen manager of the Belletetes store in Jaffery, New Hampshire and asked her to tell me about the project. Elizabeth

“Earlier this year”, she began, “my boss, Jack Belletete, approached me and said he had purchased a lakefront property and wanted me to design the kitchen for the house he would be building on that lot. His only instructions were, ‘You’ve got “Carte blanche” on this project but don’t “break the bank!’ ”

“Beth,” I quizzed, “how did Kabinart end up with this project? Jack can easily afford any of the cabinet lines Belletetes carries and you have several lines far more expensive than Kabinart?”

“I designed the cabinets for the house,” she responded, “took the designs to Jack, and told him I had Kabinart in my own home and that Kabinart’s cabinets were the best value of any of the lines we carry. He said that was good enough for him and . . .well, you see the finished project!”

“Wow” I managed to say, “we are so honored to be recommended for Jack’s personal home!” “It’s an incredible home,” Beth continued, ”but there were some unique design challenges in the kitchen. The back of the house faces the lake and is all windows, eliminating any possibility for wall cabinet storage. The kitchen is all base cabinets with a pantry and oven cabinet being available for storage.”

“What a view, though,” I thought. “I bet there’s lots of competition to see who gets to do the dishes!” “Did the design call for any special custom cabinets?” I asked.  “Not this time,” Beth responded, “but we did use two custom paint colors for the cabinet finishes in the kitchen.”

“There is one additional room that was not quite finished when we took the pictures.” she continued. “The family room has a full wall of cabinetry for the built-in media center and giant TV screen. I’ll get you a picture of that room the next time I have a chance.”

After seeing the designs of the kitchen, the wet bar, and bathrooms, it must be pretty special.

bar 2 bath

We can hardly wait to see it, Beth . . .

And speaking on behalf of Kabinart, thank you , Jack, and special thanks to the staff at Belletetes , for allowing Kabinart, these past nineteen years, to serve you and your community.