I can’t find a dealer in my area, but I want to purchase your cabinets. What should I do next?

Kabinart cabinetry is available at kitchen and bath dealers. Contact one of our reps, and we will determine some solutions for you to consider.

Can I use aftermarket storage solutions in my Kabinart cabinets?

Kabinart accessories are manufactured to fit Kabinart cabinets. When purchasing your own accessories, please note that our face frames are 1.75″ wide and you must pay close attention to the required cabinet opening dimensions of your purchase.

Can I purchase a stain or paint to coordinate my trim with my cabinets?

Kabinart’s finish is a multi-step process designed to be applied with professional spray equipment.  We suggest you bring a piece of material to a local paint store and purchase a one-step process finish material, that matches the color of your cabinets, and that can be applied with a brush.

What is Kabinart’s warranty?

Kabinart offers a 10 year limited warranty. Please refer to our Warranty Guidelines for details.

How do I clean and care for my Kabinart cabinets?

Use only a mild soap solution diluted two tablespoons to a gallon.  Wipe the cabinets using only a clean soft cloth. Please remember to dry your cabinetry after cleaning.

What wood species are available from Kabinart?

Kabinart offers cabinetry in White Oak, Northern Hard Maple, and Cherry.  You may also select a Rustic Version of these three species.  All of our hardwoods are responsibly forested and sourced from North America.