I can’t find a dealer in my area, but I want to purchase your cabinets. What should I do next?

Kabinart cabinetry is available at kitchen and bath dealers. Contact one of our reps, and we will determine some solutions for you to consider.

Can I use Kabinart storage solutions with my current cabinets?

Kabinart accessories are manufactured to fit Kabinart cabinets. Other cabinets may be assembled with different size openings. Check with your local dealer for assistance.

Can I order a discontinued cabinet style? If so, what steps should I take?

 Some discontinued styles are still available. See your local dealer for assistance.

Can I purchase doors and drawer fronts if I do not need the entire cabinet?

Doors and drawer fronts are not available for purchase through Kabinart’s dealer network.

Can I purchase a stain to coordinate the trim around my windows with my cabinets?

Kabinart’s finish is a multi-step process very difficult to reproduce in a local setting. The finish can be simulated by going to a local paint store and requesting they mix a one-step process that matches the color of your cabinets.

What is Kabinart’s warranty?

Kabinart offers a 10 year limited warranty. Please refer to our Warranty Guidelines for details.

How do I clean and care for my Kabinart cabinets?

Use only a mild soap solution diluted two tablespoons to a gallon.  Wipe the cabinets using only a clean soft cloth. For more info, contact the business where you purchased the cabinets.

What if my local dealer does not have a sample, style or color that I like?

There are hundreds of styles and colors available from Kabinart and it’s difficult for a dealer to carry all selections.  However, the dealer can order samples of any style or color you select from our available options.

What wood materials are available from Kabinart cabinetry?

Kabinart manufactures cabinets in Oak, Maple, and Cherry wood species.

Where can I get replacement parts, touch-up materials and cleaner for my cabinetry?

Contact the local dealer where you purchased your cabinets for warranty service and touch-up material.

Once I place my order, when can I expect to receive my cabinets?

There are many variables supporting the answer, but normally cabinets ship from Kabinart’s factory four weeks from the time an order goes into production.