What does your Home Say About You?

The traditional style is all about details.  Expect to see architectural designs, furniture-style cabinets, and island legs.  Other elements include framed cabinetry with glazed and antique finishes.


With clean lines and cutting edge design, this style emphasizes open space. Those with contemporary tastes prefer minimal decor and like the idea of old materials used in a new way.


The Mediterranean style has a striking balance between bold and inviting. This style takes you coastal with elaborately carved wood and wrought iron details. Expect to see ceiling beams and textured walls.


Classic styles are timeless and fresh with simple details  Expect to see white and black or cream and brown contrasts.  Other elements include neutral palettes, subway tile, and white marble countertops.


Rich woods define the craftsman style. This style emphasizes strong geometric lines, built-in seating, and simple lighting. Other elements include clean-lined cabinetry, earthy colors, and natural stone.